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The Gold Train

Pictures from Walbrzych, where The Gold Train was looking for by many treasure seekers. For Stern Magazine. Materiał z Wałbrzycha o poszukiwaniach Złotego Pociągu. Dla magazynu…

Ideal space

Workshop with group of young people from Ukraine and Poland. Together we were planning ideal living space in the city of Krakow. VII.2015. W sierpniu…

Fot. Tomasz Wiech

Autoportret / Landscape

In newest issue of Autoportret there is picture from action Warkocze Białki organized by artist Cecylia Malik. W najnowszym Autoportrecie poświęconym tematowi krajobrazu wywiad z…

DF, tekst Renaty Radlowskiej o Skawcach
Fot. Tomasz Wiech

Skawce – text in Duzy Format

Renata Radlowska’s text about Skawce. Here there is the link. W Dużym Formacie można przeczytać reprotaż Renaty Radłowskiej o Skawcach. Link tutaj.

On the bottom of the lake

The exhibition on the bottom of the lake. At the bottom of the still not existing lake, in the place where there was a village…


Modny Drobiazg one more time. Modny Drobiazg raz jeszcze.

Skawce,Fot. Tomasz Wiech

Here, there was Skawce

Invitation for the exhibition. 3rd May 2015. Skawce. We wsi Skawce nie ma już domów. Nie ma szkoły, nie ma stacji, nie ma mostu kolejowego,…



Material „Little Utopia” is the story about ideal system. The starting point is the hypothesis that the system in which we live in is the…


Images are everywhere. Two materials: the first about our dreamed world, the second about wars.Images Obrazy są wszędzie. Dwa materiały: pierwszy o świecie wymarzonym, drugi…


Something has disappeared

It is a story about village called Skawce. Skawce is damaged because the huge dam had been building close to them. People moved to new…